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Disco Elysium – The Final Cut patch in the works for PlayStation systems

A portrait of Harrier du Bois, the main character and tragic hero of Disco Elysium. His smile seems like an expression of pain.
Image credit: ZA/UM

Some fixes are on the way for Disco Elysium – The Final Cut on PlayStation systems.

ZA/UM released Disco Elysium – The Final Cut on March 30, and apparently, there have been some issues with the PS4 and PS5 versions.

To combat the problems, the developer is working on a patch. A date for the update is still unknown, but it is being worked on.

"Maybe blame it on the Doomed Commercial Area, birthplace of doomed dreams, resting place for every venture. Blame it on an incursion of the apocalypse in a localized space, or whatever Tequila Sunset hits you with. Blame it on a call to Abigail," reads the patch post.

"Or just blame it on us. Because it is our fault, that’s true. We’re all just human beings dreaming big, and not always making those dreams come true like we hope. But we’re going to try anyway, and try again, until we get it right. And we will."

Patch 1.3 will contain the following:

  • Tons of Voice Over fixes
  • Improved Kim pathfinding
  • Fixed controller interaction during Seafort Dream
  • Fixed controller interaction with The Pigs
  • Fixed Sandcastle interaction
  • Fixed car interaction
  • Fixed instances where the tide never receded near the swings
  • Fixes pawnshop healing interaction
  • Fixed Thought Cabinet freezes
  • Fixed save game bugs
  • Fixes for Cutscene locks and edge-case interactions with controllers
  • And a little bit this and that, general house cleaning after stormy development

The Final Cut is the definitive edition of the multi-award-winning RPG Disco Elysium and is available via digital download on the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, Steam, GOG, Epic Store, the App Store, and Google Stadia.

It is available at no extra cost to all current owners of Disco Elysium.

The Final Cut brings the residents of Revachol to life with the inclusion of one million professionally voice-acted words by actors, as well as adding new political vision quests.

You can explore unseen areas, encounter an expanded cast of citizens, and leave an even bigger mark on the world. You can also expect quality-of-life gameplay enhancements and added replayability.

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