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DICE says Battlefield franchise isn't going "kiddy"


Patrick Liu, lead producer for Battlefield 1943, has said that the franchise is not going "kiddy" as some assumed with Battlefield Heroes, and will instead swing more towards the "core" crowd with upcoming titles.

"I wouldn't say it's a certain future, to go broad - maybe it'll be the other way around actually, to focus down again to the core," he told Kikizo. "We have plans, definitely, but I can't go into them now. A concern that a lot of fans have is that we're going "kiddy" with Battlefield, which isn't true. It's a segment right now, but it's in no way a certain future for the franchise."

Liu also told the site that single-player campaigns will receive more focus in future games, starting with Bad Company 2.

"Bad Company 2 is going to be even more focused, I think, on single player than Bad Company 1 was. Bad Company 1 was really our first try at making a single player campaign, DICE haven't made that before. So we learned a lot of things making that game, and all that learning is going into Bad Company 2.

"So we will definitely try to improve and expand on the single player part of Battlefield."

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