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Devil May Cry 5 has a censored scene in the West - but only on PS4

One scene in Devil May Cry 5 was deemed a little too risque for its Western release - but strangely, the scene has only been edited on one platform's version of the game.

Devil May Cry 5 is a brilliant return for Capcom's action series and is something of a must-play, though fans of the series have discovered an interesting discrepancy between the various versions: and it all involves an arse crack. Of course.

Keeping it spoiler-free for a moment, in one story scene of the game a character appears naked, and certain shots of that scene have been censored - but only on one platform and only in certain regions.

Censorship of Japanese games as they make their way West is fairly common - sometimes in small ways, sometimes with more significant edits, often a response to differences in cultural sensibilities.

What's interesting about this, however, is that the Western censorship isn't across the board. On Xbox One and PC, the arse is entirely visible just as it is in all versions of DMC5 in Japan. The PS4 version gets the censorship treatment, however - but only in the West, with the Japanese PS4 version remaining uncensored.

To talk a little about the scene, we're now going to get into Spoiler Territory for the scene, which takes place several missions into DMC5. Don't read on if you're spoiler-averse.

Here's a video of the multiple versions of the scene comparing them - which, given the presence of a bare bottom, is probably NSFW depending on where you work.

Watch on YouTube

This video, provided by youtube channel 'Naughty Gaming' (indeed) showcases exactly what happens. In DMC5 there's a few powerful enemies that are possessing classic characters from the series' past - and in this instance upon one boss being downed by Dante series mainstay Trish comes tumbling out of its bleeding body half-naked.

Dante then picks up Trish and lays her back down - and in the process there's a clear shot of her rear. In the Xbox One and PC versions plus the Japanese PS4 version there's no censorship - but on PS4, an aggressive lens flare from Dante's motorcycle headlamp reduces the amount the player can see.

What's unclear is why this only applies to one version in Western territories - but given the circumstances it seems fair to assume it might be something the Western arms of Sony requested to be changed. You can see the comparison for yourself in the video above - but be warned - Spoilers and NSFW.

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