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Destiny: The Taken King - how to beat the Shield Brothers Strike

This is a full-on assault of the Dreadnaught to take down two brothers who work in unison. Here's how to nail 'em.

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Destiny: The Taken King - how to beat the Shield Brothers Strike

After spawning in the Mausoleum, head to the marker. You can engage with the raging battle to your left if you like, but there's going to be plenty of opportunities to use your weapons soon enough. You might have to cut through a few enemies as you head along the halls of the Dreadnaught.

You're looking for the Siege Team. But when we say "looking for" we mean "kill". When you find them you'll have to take down a Goliath tank. Stay in the balconies above and you'll have plenty of cover. The Goliath packs a punch, but you can avoid its fire and attack its legs with everything you've got. You should have saved up some special attacks between the three of you, so let it have 'em and it will soon fall.

You now need to breach the Command Deck. You have to backtrack here, and if you get a little disorientated use your Ghost to guide you. You'll have to battle a bunch of Taken enemies here, and then eventually arrive at the Narthex. It's a round arena with a structure in the middle, which gives you plenty of room to keep moving when the bosses appear, which they will shortly.

How to kill the Shield Brothers

The first brother to enter the arena is Valus Mau’ual. Tactically he's an up-close-and-personal guy, charging you and striking with melee attacks. You need to keep your distance from him at all times - there's no shame in running away. As with most Cabal, his head is his weakest spot. He'll bring with him a bunch of adds, but make sure you don't get distracted with these and let Mau'ual creep up on you. Once his health is low, he leaves the arena.

Next up is Valus Lu'urn. He carries a massive rocket launcher, but you'll be able to see where they're going to land by the big blue markers on the floor. If you're standing inside a blue circle, shift your arse quickly. Keep moving so he doesn't concentrate purely on you. He has a shield, so either wait for it to lower or get inside for melee attacks.

As you might expect, when his health gets low his brother returns for a two-pronged attack. It's at this point it gets increasingly hectic. It's time to use your special attacks and Heavy weapons if you have ammo left. A good tactic is to get your Hunter to use Shadowshot to pin a brother down while your Titan nails him with Sunbreaker. Both have weakened health, but don't get too cocky as Valus Mau’ual's melee is still devastating.

Once both are down, suck up those engrams and ammo. Congrats!

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