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Destiny: The Taken King - beginner's tips

How to fight the Taken forces, how to hit the level cap and how to get more Light. Your Taken King journey starts here, Guardian.


Destiny: The Taken King - beginner's tips

If you're new to Destiny or just looking to get that quick boost up to the level cap so you can get involved in The Taken King's new raid, King's Fall, you'll be needing some pointers as to how to get going.

The Taken King pits you, a Guardian, against Oryx, a god bent on destroying humanity and avenge the death of his son, Crota, the end-boss in Destiny's Dark Below expansion. To take Oryx down, you're going to first have to get to know his forces and how to beat them. The Taken have been literally taken from Destiny's existing races and mutated into different forms with altered behaviour over the original game. You'll find Brenna's guide below on each of the new enemies and how to defeat them. Pay close attention: these guys really aren't the same as those you found in the game before The Taken King.

But your primary goal is probably to get to level 40. You'll find instructions on how to hit the cap as quickly as possible below. There's also a guide here on speedily accruing more Light. The Taken King has a dual levelling system. There's an XP level, capped at 40, and there's a Light level, which is an average measure of your attack and defense stats, based on the gear you're using, and it's this marker that dictates whether or not you'r strong enough to face top-level enemies. You'll find everything you need to succeed through the link down there.

Take our advice and you'll be smashing through your early levelling days and into King's Fall before you know it. Good luck!

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