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Destiny: Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Clusters – all Iron Lord locations

Ten more Dormant SIVA Cluster locations for your Destiny: Rise of Iron collecting needs.

Destiny: Rise of Iron players will need to find at least some Dormant SIVA Clusters if they want to finish Echoes of the Past and get a Year 3 or Iron Gjallarhorn. If you're keen to complete your Rise of Iron Record book and score some sweet armour, you'll have to find even more.

While not as numerous or elusive as Calcified Fragments, Dormant SIVA Clusters can be tricky to track down. To help you find them all, we've broken them down into three classifications - Clovis Bray, Iron Lord and Fallen. In the video above, Arekkz shows you where to find all ten Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters.

Many of the Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters are only available in specific Destiny: Rise of Iron missions and activities, so we've divided them by where you can grab them rather than in numerical order. Follow the route in the video and the text list below to grab them in a short burst of activity, or cherry pick the specific ones you're after.

Update: Apparently you can grab the Dormant SIVA Clusters in any activity. Following the missions is helpful for the purposes of this particular guide, though.

The Walls Come Down Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters

there are three Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters to be found in the mission The Walls Come Down. This mission is part of the Rise of Iron questline.

Iron Lord 2.0 Dormant SIVA Cluster

The first Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster is found in The Divide. Once you emerge out into this area after pushing through the wall and the fan-lined tunnels, ignore the objective and run right across the map to the broken down Fallen Walker tank. The 2.0 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters is nestled under the turret.

Iron Lord 2.1 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Before leaving The Divide after collecting the previous Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster, head in the direction of the Rocketyard zone and look for the broken overpass overhead. The 2.1 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster is on the underside of the overpass, and is most easily spotted from on top of the large pipe section with a hole in the roof you'll find nearby. You cna jump to the Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster from this vantage point, too. You need to hold the interact key as you jump past it.

Iron Lord 2.2 Dormant SIVA Cluster

We need to go well off trail to find the next Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster. Head towards the Steppes from The Divide until you reach the room where you first battle an Archon Priest and get your ship way back in Vanilla Destiny (for newcomers, it's the first larger room you'll come to). Once you reach the door to this room immediately turn left and hug the left wall to spot the 2.2 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster behind some horizontal bars on the wall.

The Plaguelands (mission) Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters

These next two Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters can be found in the Rise of Iron mission called The Plaguelands - not in patrol mode in The Plaguelands. Our directions here assume you know your way through the Devil's Lair strike; if not, you may need to run that strike to udnerstand what's going on.

Iron Lord 2.5 Dormant SIVA Cluster

As soon as you spawn into The Plaguelands mission, ignore the objective and turn left, as if you were going to the Devil's Lair strike. Go through the corridors till you can drop down through some broken wall. Keep going in the direction you're facing past the train and around a few structures until you reach a Hive Seeder you can enter. Circle the central column of the Hive Seeder to spot the 2.5 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster on its backside.

Iron Lord 2.3 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Continue on the Devil's Lair path until you reach the wide open snowy area where you'd normally fight a Fallen Walker. Go past the Walker's platform but don't enter the doorway leading to Sepiks Prime's hangout; instead, do a 180 and look left to see the 2.3 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster on a column.

The Iron Tomb Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Clusters

The next three Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster are found in the mission The Iron Tomb, which is the final mission in the Rise of Iron questline.

Iron Lord 2.8 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Follow The Iron Tomb mission until you're prompted to interact with a terminal. Before doing so, pause and look above you and left to spot a large monitor. The 2.8 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster is behind this screen and you'll need to jump and hold the interact button to grab it.

Iron Lord 2.6 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Continue The Iron Tomb mission until you drop down a long slope and land in some water. Ignore the objective and turn to face the opposite direction. Run to the edge of the area. Follow the edge all the way to the wall, then drop down to a lower platform. Follow the chain of rocky platforms to a cave. The 2.6 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster is at the back of this cave.

Iron Lord 2.7 Dormant SIVA Cluster

The last Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster in The Iron Tomb is in the final boss room, and you want to get it done before things kick off. As soon as you arrive, run all the way across the room to the other side, and then turn left at the far wall. Move forward until you reach a fire, then turn 90 degrees left and scan the big structure blocking your view of the entrance. The ed glow of the 2.7 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster should be easy to spot from here.

The King of the Mountain - Iron Lord 2.9 Dormant SIVA Cluster

There's one Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster in the very first Rise of Iron Mission, The King of the Mountain. As soon as you drop down from the gondola to the mountaintop, run forward to the edge directly in front of you and stop. Instead of turning left to follow the objective marker, turn right and peer over the ledge; there's a platform you can jump over to, where you'll find the 2.9 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster.

Plaguelands (Patrol) - Iron Lord 2.4 Dormant SIVA Cluster

This one's pretty annoying. To get the final Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster, you need to spawn into the Plaguelands in patrol mode, then turn left and follow the path back through the wall to the Cosmodrome. Go on through The Divide to the Rocketyards and then continue as if you were doing the Devil's Lair strike, until you reach the area where you'd fight the Fallen Walker on the way to Sepiks Prime.

What you want to do here is go through the door on the left as you face the path towards the Sepiks Prime boss arena. You'll find a door blocked by lasers and a terminal. You need a Splicer Key to open this door, which you can obtain by killing Splicers anywhere in the Plaguelands.

Once through the laser lock, head upstairs. You'll have to fight a few Splicer Stealth Vandals, but once it's safe, hug the left wall from the doorway to find the 2.4 Iron Lord Dormant SIVA Cluster in an open locker after you go around one corner.

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