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Destiny: Rise of Iron Dormant SIVA Clusters - all Clovis Bray locations

Destiny: Rise of Iron includes a new collectible, Dormant SIVA Clusters. Let's track them down.

Chasing Dormant SIVA Clusters in Destiny: Rise of Iron? You're not alone: you need to find at least five to complete Echoes of the Past and get a Year 3 or Iron Gjallarhorn. Don't worry, we'll get through this together.

The Dormant SIVA Clusters scattered across Destiny: Rise of Iron are broken into three categories: Clovis Bray, Iron Lord and Fallen. In the video above, Arekkz takes you through where to find the ten Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters.

Most of the the Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters are found in specific missions, as suggested in the video below, although some are available in patrol mode or other Destiny: Rise of Iron missions and activities. As such, you'll need to have unlocked certain quests to grab them. We've divided them by mission and activity below.

If you follow the route described in the video or or the list below, you can collect all the Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters in an efficient manner. Otherwise, just scroll down (or scrub the video) to the specific one you're after.

Update: Apparently you can grab the Dormant SIVA Clusters in any activity. Following the missions is helpful for the purposes of this particular guide, though.

The Iron Tomb Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters

There are four Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters available in the mission The Iron Tomb, which is the final mission of the base Rise of Iron questline.

Clovis Bray 1.4 Dormant SIVA Cluster

The first Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster is in Lord's Watch, and is found very close to the spawn point for both Plaguelands patrol and the mission The Iron Tomb. As soon as you spawn in, run straight forwards to each a clump of SIVA cables. Turn right and continue down the snowy path to the second set of SIVA cables; the 1.04 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster is tucked under the arch of the cables.

Clovis Bray 1.1 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Follow the path from Lord's Watch to Giant's Husk, then hug the right wall to travel under the huge cargo ship until you find a small boat. Staying outside the boat, move to the prow to find the 1.01 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster right at the peak.

Clovis Bray 1.2 Dormant SIVA Cluster

During the mission The Iron Tomb you enter a dim room where you have to swap orbs around to fry a generator. Clear out the enemies but don't leave the room yet - walk around the borders to find the 1.02 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster at the base of one of the pyramidal SIVA growths. One eays way to locate it is to head towards the objective after changing the orbs, but then hang a right to cross the room, turning left on the other side to explore along the narrow catwalk.

Clovis Bray 1.0 Dormant SIVA Cluster

The final Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster in The Iron Tomb is found in the Archon's Forge area. Before dropping down into the arena from the starting platform, turn left and jump across to the next balcony. There's a door opening onto a corridor here, leading right to the 1.0 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster.

The Walls Come Down Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters

There are three Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters to be found in The Walls Come Down, a fairly early Rise of Iron questline mission.

Clovis Bray 1.9 Dormant SIVA Cluster

When you spawn into The Walls Come Down, don't follow the objective. Turn around and go to the back of the area to leap across the gap and onto the gangway of the Fallen Ketch. Inside, proceed up the stairs on the left and examine the left wall to find the 1.9 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster in a tiny gap between two structures.

Clovis Bray 1.3 Dormant SIVA Cluster

From the starting point of The Walls Come Down, follow the mission objective towards the wall. Before going through the doorway into the wall interior, drop down to the snow to the right od the door. Move forward and crouch to get right into the gap, and when you can't advance any further, turn around to see the 1.3 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster on a beam.

Clovis Bray 1.7 Dormant SIVA Cluster

Continue on through The Walls Come Down until you reach the Rocketyard. Stop on the far side of the area just before you go inside again (the path towards Devil's Lair, if you're familiar with that). Facing your firection of travel so far, turn left and then hug the wall on your right as you circle the area until you reach a door. Go inside and look right as soon as the room opens up again to see the 1.7 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster glowing on a desk behind some broken equipment.

The Plaguelands (mission) Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters

There are two Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Clusters to be found in the mission called The Plaguelands. Don't get it confused with Plaguelands patrol mode...!

Clovis Bray 1.5 Dormant SIVA Cluster

As you begin following the objective marker, keep an eye out for a tall radio control tower. Go inside and climb the stairs up, killing the Splicer Vandal who awaits you. The 1.5 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster is on the back of a computer monitor in this room.

Clovis Bray 1.8 Dormant SIVA Cluster

The 1.8 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster is right at the end of the mission. When you come out into the area with three gun emplacements, head to the far right one. Jump up and walk along the gun barrel to find the fragment about half way along it.

Plaguelands (patrol) - Clovis Bray 1.6 Dormant SIVA Cluster

There's only one more Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster to collect, and you'll need good platforming skills to get to it.

Start patrol in the Plaguelands and turn left as soon as you spawn, following the path to the next area. Hug the left wall and look for a broad entrance to a rocket hangar. There are some stairs on your right as you enter. Climb up and turn back around to jump to some ventilation pipes on the wall next to the entrance.

Once on the pipes, turn around again and jump back in the opposite direction to the higher ventilation shafts. Don't proceed onto the platform at this level - jump up one more level to the top one. From this area you can jump to the large square structure hanging in the centre of the room, where the 1.6 Clovis Bray Dormant SIVA Cluster awaits you.

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