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Destiny guide: Earth and Tower Dead Ghost locations

Destiny offers collectors the chance to score extra Grimoire Points by tracking down Dead Ghosts. Our guide makes it easy.


Destiny guide: Earth and Tower Dead Ghost locations

Destiny's Dead Ghosts are found scattered around the environment in out of the way places. They're easily spotted in the dark by their distinctive pale blue glow.

Should you stumble across a Dead Ghost, you can revive it by holding Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) when prompted. Doing so will reward you with a Grimoire Card and the accompanying Grimoire Points. Visit Bungie.net or the Destiny Companion app to peruse your unlocked lore and show off your amazing collection of points.

Note that you can only collect Ghosts once per account, so if you've picked one up with one character, you won't find it with another.

There are 20 ghosts to be found in the Tower and on Earth, the first Destination. The numbering here matches our Destiny Walkthrough, and you'll find almost all of these if you follow it; the exceptions are noted below.

Destiny: Tower Dead Ghost locations

  • Dead Ghost #1
    Standing with your back to the traveller facing the central plaza - post office on your left, gunsmith on your right - look to your left. There's a platform accessible by a flight of stairs, above the tunnel to the Tower North area where the Speaker hangs out. Climb the steps and and look for a pile of crates tucked against the far wall behind a pillar. The Ghost is sitting on top of the largest crate.
  • Dead Ghost #2
    Visit the Speaker in his large spherical observation room. There's a cluttered area full of bookshelves. The Ghost is sitting on a little table here, at about knee height.
  • Dead Ghost #3
    The Hall of Guardians is where you meet your class mentor; the three of them gather around a table. The Ghost is sitting on a desk on one side of the door to this room. From the Tower Plaza, go down the stairs and pass the room with a couple of vendors. Stop on the threshold of the Hall of Guardians and look to your right; the desk in quesiton is just inside the room.
  • Dead Ghost #4
    The final Ghost is on the Traveller's Walk, and is only acecssible during Iron banner events, when the large gates in the Tower Plaza open. Come back during a PvP event to grab it.

Destiny: Earth Old Russia Cosmodrome Dead Ghost locations

  • Dead Ghost #1
    Found in the Breach, the corridors between the exterior wall and The Divide, which you first navigate in the opening mission. It's just after the spot where you collect your first gun. You need to go round the corner (left) and look up; its a few paces along, resting on some pipes above you.
  • Dead Ghost #2
    In The Breach, look for a large rectangular room where you fight a knot of enemies. The ground here is wet. Stand in the water, on ground level, and look around you; the Ghost is in an alcove under a platform, at about chest height.
  • Dead Ghost #3
    Look for a billboard stretching between two buildings in The Divide, facing the entrance to the Breach. The Ghost is on the back of the billboard, on a little catwalk. You may need you upgrade your jump to reach it.
  • Dead Ghost #4
    Look for a cut section of giant pipe in The Divide, near a large blue and orange tank. It's sitting on the ground inside.
  • Dead Ghost #5
    On The Steppes, look for two free-standing sheds close together near the downed jump ship. One shed has stairs down to some corridors. The Gjost is in the other shed, sitting on the ground near a chair which has fallen over.
  • Dead Ghost #6
    On the path between The Steppes (where you spawn when you select the Patrol mission) and the Mothyards (the area full of downed planes), you'll find a dry canal or ditch. The Ghost is on the ground at the end farthest from the cliff edge, tucked up against a wall.
  • Dead Ghost #7
    In the Mothyards, look for a ramp made out of a plane wing. Double jump from the top or drive a sparrow off and jump off at the peak of its arc to reach a small cave. there's a nasty Captain waiting for you, so you may want to bring a friend or leave this for your second visit. The Ghost is on some rocks, plainly visible from jut inside the entrance if you glance left.
  • Dead Ghost #8
    In the very dark room where you first (officially) encounter the Hive, resting on top of a box against one wall. It's above eye level, so jump on a box and look around for it. With the Mothyards at your back and the path up to the Wizard boss room in front of you, it's on your right.
  • Dead Ghost #9
    At the Forgotten Shores, look for a small ship broken in half with a path ramping up between them. The Ghost is in the cabin.
  • Dead Ghost #10
    This Ghost is waiting inside the open door of a locker in the Terrestrial Complex - the buildings you pass through to get to Skywatch from the Forgotten Shores.
  • Dead Ghost #11
    A tough one. At Skywatch, look for the helicopters near a cliff edge. If you face the cliff and look right, you should see a wire fence. There's a small gap where it meets the cliff that you can pass through, accessing a narrow ledge leading to a cave. The Ghost is inside, but so is a tremendously nasty enemy. A friend can help you here by luring the baddie away if you aren't strong enough to face him.

The ghosts above can be most easily obtained during Story Missions by following our walktrhough, but those below must be retrieved during a Patrol Mission or The Devil's Lair Strike Mission, as the story doesn't visit these areas.

  • Dead Ghost #12
    In the Rocketyard, Look for an altercation between a Servitor and a Knight, plus a couple of Dregs and Acolytes. Near where the Servitor hovers you'll see a section of pipe. Look around near here for a building or rooftop you can double jump to; the Ghost is sitting up here, quite openly.
  • Dead Ghost #13
    The Refinery is one of the areas you visit during the Devil's Lair Strike. Go to the section where you fight a wave battle as your Ghost disarms a security mesh blocking the exit. Look for a big advertisement or logo of some sort on a wall in this area; there's a small door here leading to a very dark room. The Ghost is sitting on a shelf.
  • Dead Ghost #14
    The Blast is the area where you fight the Devil Walker during the Devil's Lair Strike. On one side of the platform where the Devil Walker hangs out there's a wide door with a set of stairs off to one side. Climb the stairs and look for the Ghost towards the back of the room beyond.
  • Dead Ghost #15
    This is a toughie. You need to go to The Grottos, a set of tunnels on the edge of The Forgotten Shores. These are populated with very high level Hive enemies and you will die repeatedly trying to get past them. Happily, the Ghost is sitting in a sheltered location on some rocks at the base of a cliff. It's difficult to navigate when you're being utterly destroyed, so study this video by Logan Braun to learn the route.
  • Dead Ghost #16
    The final Earth Ghost in the core game is in Bunker RAS-2, which is entered via stairs under one of the ships where you check for transmissions during The Warmind Story Mission. This area is guarded by very high level Knights, including a Major, so it's best left for end-game. This Ghost was once bugged, but has been fixed as of patch 1.0.3 on November 17 2014.

Destiny's first expansion, The Dark Below, adds six new Dead Ghosts. If you picked up the DLC, you can find three of them on Earth, during the mission The Siege of the Warmind. The second and third Ghosts are collected in the boss battle room, so get to them quick before the action kicks off; nip after them while you wait for the orbit timer; or bring a friend to distract your enemies while you search.

Destiny: The Dark Below - Siege of the Warmind - Earth - Dead Ghost locations

  • Dead Ghost #17
    As you enter the Seraphim Vault you'll battle against waves of Thralls, a couple of Knights and a few Acolytes. The battle takes place in a lengthy, curving corridor punctuated in the centre by stairs leading up to a Major Knight and the path to the next room. Facing away from the way you came in, continue along the dead end corridor past the stairs. Step up onto the slightly raised platform and look behind a large crate.
  • Dead Ghost #18
    The second Dark Below Dead Ghost is right at the top of the structure in the centre of the boss battle room in the Seraphim Vault. From the control panel platform, carefully jump up onto one of the nearby masts and make the huge leap onto the lowest accessible section of the - whatever it is. Then "simply" platform your way up and hunt around for the Ghost. Enjoy the sounds of battle below.
  • Dead Ghost #19
    In the final boss room in the Seraphim Vault, look for the short tunnel passing underneath the control panel platform. Facing outwards into the room as if you were standing at the control panel to operate it, the Ghost is in the right segment of tunnel, against the rear wall.

Head over to our Destiny guide for more tips and info.

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