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Destiny fans should keep it locked during March - but that doesn't mean we don't have an idea where these teases are going

Destiny: Rise of Iron updates through the rest of 2017 are one thing, and Destiny 2 is another.

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Destiny fans got a nice little tease at the end of the latest Bungie Weekly Update: a suggestion that the next info drop could give us a roadmap of when we'll find out what's going on with the franchise.

As Arekkz explains in the video above, this may mean some information on what's happening in Destiny: Rise of Iron over the rest of 2017. Sure, Iron Banner happens regularly but it's otherwise been really quiet - although a recent Destiny patch adjusted primary, sidearm, shotgun and subclass balance, as promised back in January.

Since Bungie has said a big Destiny update is coming in or after northern spring, I'm betting that's what we'll hear about in this roadmap - but there's always a chance Bungie will at least let us know when it might start talking about Destiny 2 now that Activision Blizzard has said it's still on track for 2017 release.

On that note, the video above also covers some recent news on Destiny 2. There's some further evidence that Destiny 2 will have a very different content release schedule, which would be nice, and the official reveal of the leaked Destiny Megabloks set that suggests the Cabal will storm the Tower in Destiny 2.

There have been persistent rumours that Destiny 2 will focus on the Cabal - and also that it will release on PC and represent a totally fresh start - but we don't know how much of it is just wishful thinking. We've all been doing a lot of that since Bungie first started making Destiny 2 noises in February 2016.

Oh, and there was that little Vex video last week, which maybe has nothing to do with Destiny 2; it could well be a bit of unused promotional art from the original. But you can see it above also.

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