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Destiny 2: Activision call clues point to PC release, focus on "great cinematic story" sounds promising

Destiny 2: everything Activision let slip talking to investors overnight.

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Destiny 2 is on track for late 2017, Activision re-confirmed in its financial briefings overnight.

But that's not all Activision had to say about Bungie's next big thing, and since you might not want to sift through a full financial report just to get the sweet Destiny 2 details you're after, here's Arekkz to the rescue.

To summarise the details, a "full Destiny sequel" is coming in 2017 to "broaden the franchise's global reach". There are "followup content plans", of course, and although that's not surprising, Destiny's notorious content droughts are something Activision wants investors to know it is aiming not to repeat.

The other interesting thing from this statement is the global appeal bit. From other comments in Activision's investor briefing it's clear the publisher is targeting markets like Russia and China, where Overwatch has been hugely popular - but if you're taking a game over to those markets and expecting it to go back, you virtually have to come out on PC. This matches up with earlier rumours that Destiny 2 is coming out on PC.

Activision also said that Destiny 2 will please fans of the original while providing an easy entry point for new players - and being accessible to more casual players.

The bit that may really interest detractors of the original Destiny is that Activision said a focus for the sequel is to ensure Destiny 2 has a "great cinematic story" with a memorable cast of characters.

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