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Destiny 2 trophy list leaks raid name, new difficulty setting, mysterious beings and more

Destiny 2 is being kept as quiet as Bungie can manage, but here's some tasty stuff we're not yet supposed to know.

The Destiny 2 PSN trophy list - or at least part of it - appears to have leaked online, in advance of the shooter sequel's release next week.

The list only runs to 14 trophies, which is unusual, so may well be incomplete - but has turned up on the usually reliable Exophase, among other sources, so we're inclined to believe it. As usual, the trophy descriptions have some little hints, and potentially spoilers, for Destiny 2.

One of this is the apparent name of Destiny 2's first raid, Leviathan. It's a name we've heard before in Destiny's deep lore, although we don't know whether there's any link since Bungie has admitted it didn't really know what it was doing when it started this whole thing.

The name doesn't tell us much beyond hinting at some sort of large beast, but the detectives and conspiracy theorists of the Destiny fan community have been hard at work putting together some theories. Check out one example on Imgur for a pretty good idea of current thinking, but the executive summary is that Destiny 2 creative director Luke Smith was wearing a hoodie with a symbol that matches the trophy logo for the Leviathan raid, and also looks a lot like the "mouth" of the "space catfish" seen in a bit of official Destiny concept art on

We'll know more when the raid launches sometime after Destiny 2's release. Arekkz talks over this news in the video below, along with some other new Destiny 2 details we'll outline further down the page.

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Some of the other things we learn from the Destiny 2 trophy list is that there will be a new difficulty level called Prestige, which is available in Nightfall strikes or the raid. It's not clear whether Prestige is a new name for Heroic, or if it's a further difficulty level beyond that - but as Nightfall strikes previously only came with one difficulty setting, it looks like there'll be plenty for seriously skilled Guardians to tackle in Destiny 2.

The trophy list also confirms Destiny 2 will have three subclasses for each class, mentions something called Call to Arms, which is connect to Shaxx, the Crucible quartermaster. It's likely this refers to a PvP questline of some sort.

There's a trophy for collecting 15 Exotic weapons or amour, which at least confirms there will be at last 15 - and probably more, just judging by what we've seen of Destiny 2's Exotic collection so far.

The most interesting trophy to me is Lest Ye Be Judged, which is awarded one a player "encounters an Emissary from beyond". What is an Emissary from beyond? Could it be a new NPC who replaces Xur as our Exotic vendor? Is it part of some new story beat? Is Destiny 2 going to move the universe's plot along somehow?

As the video argues, it's likely Destiny 2 features a number of other trophies, likely of Bronze level and linked to story campaign milestones, which will be listed as secret trophies or held back till release to avoid further spoilers.

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