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Destiny 2: Guided Games beta is now live, letting pro players guide others through Nightfall activities

The beta for Destiny 2's new Guided Games, which unite the best of the best with players and clans that could use the help, is now live.

If you've been using our extensive Destiny 2 guide, you've mastered the Inverted Spire strike and gotten your hands on the best Exotic Weapons, might find yourself in a position where you're ready to help others.

Guided Games, one of the new clan features in Destiny 2, lets you unite with players who could use your expertise - and, if you're on the other side, find expert players who can help you.


The details are further outlined on Bungie's site. Here's how to enter a Guided Game, from there:

Entering a Guided Game
Players can enter Guided Games as either a Seeker or a Guide, with each role having different entry requirements.

  • Players can enter a Guided Game as a Seeker if they meet the Character level, Power level, and other entry requirements listed on the activity tooltip.
  • Players can be Seekers regardless of their Clan status.
  • Players must have at least one Guided Game Ticket for the desired activity to join as a Seeker.
  • Seeker Tickets for Guided Games refresh at the Seasonal Reset.
  • Guide

  • Players can enter a Guided Game as part of a Guide Fireteam if they meet the Character level, Power level, and other entry requirements listed on the activity tooltip.
  • If a Clan wishes to host a Guided Game, half of the Guide Fireteam must be composed of members from the same Clan (i.e. 3 and 4 player Fireteams must have at least 2 Clan members; a 6 player Fireteam must have at least 3 Clan Members).
  • Guide Fireteams that meet the above Clan requirements can also include players that are not a part of the hosting Clan.

Also interesting to note are the Guardian Oaths that players must swear to, where are another new Clan feature linked to special rewards in Destiny 2. This is "a code of behavior that both Seekers and Guides agree to before beginning a Guided Game", whereby "before beginning a Guided Game, both Seekers and Guides will be prompted to accept the Guardian Oath and agree to be Helpful, Attentive, Observant, Willing to Learn/Teach, and Friendly."

Your Oathkeeper Score "measures how well a Clan adheres to the Guardian Oath as measured by finishing Guided Game activities. Players can view a Clan's Oathkeeper Score from the Clan profile in Destiny 2 and in the Destiny Companion on Bungie.net and the Mobile App. Seekers can view a Clan’s Oathkeeper Score while setting up a Guided Game activity."

The beta period for Guided Games runs until September 26. From that date, Guided Games is expected to fully launch for all Nightfall and Raid activities.

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