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Demon's Souls detailed ahead of TGS

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1UP's posted some translated text from this week's Famitsu which gives a fair amount of detail on From Software's PS3 RPG Demon's Soul, which was announced this morning.

"I am a fan of From Software, but naturally that also means there are parts of their games I'm not satisfied with, too," SCE Japan producer Takeshi Kajii told the magazine.

"If this was a new King's Field game, there would be areas we wouldn't be able to touch since they're part of the series; working together like this, we can try to make something really new."

The game takes place in Boletaria. The king's woken up a monster and the country's covered in fog. As you do.

You, a nameless hero who you're free to customize Elder Scrolls-style, must save the kingdom

Apparently the game's designed to be as open-ended as possible.

"You get only the barest minimum of a goal, and there's nothing forcing you to do anything in the game," Kajii said. "People say to you 'Save the world,' but you can ignore them and keep going if you like."

More through the link. There'll be proper detail from TGS.

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