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DeMartini: Game development budgets have "peaked"


EA Partners GM David DeMartini has said game budgets have peaked. Say goodbye to that $100 million, chap.

The exec told GI at gamescom last week that huge, movie-like spends were moving down rather than up.

"I think budgets for games have actually peaked and are starting to move in the reverse direction again," he said.

"I don’t think there’s any one right budget for any game. It kind of depends on how big the idea is and what the team needs to be able to make a 90 percent-rated game with the idea that they’re working on."

He went on to add the general public are now more aware of a game's quality and how it's received than just going by the name on the box.

Hence, why going for such studios like Crytek, Valve, Harmonix and Insomniac was "the best predictor of future success," according to DeMartini.

Hit the link for a full interview.

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