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Delta Force: Hawk Ops dropped a new, explosive trailer with Alpha Testing scheduled for July

Delta Force: Hawk Ops delivered a fresh new taste of its destructive action at Summer Game Fest.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops official promo image header
Image credit: Team Jade

As promised, Delta Force: Hawk Ops dropped a new trailer during Summer Game Fest’s opening showcase. This one was teased a couple of weeks ago, if you’ve been keeping up, so we were happy to see it on the show.

The shooter continues to look very promising, with modern visuals and a beefy package that includes campaign and several multiplayer modes - even if we could do without the character-based abilities.

The trailer showed off much of what you'd expect - plenty of gunfire - and gave us a Global PC Alpha Test penned for July.

Though it might carry the name of the legendary PC tactical shooter franchise, Delta Force: Hawk Ops is not a follow-up or reboot. In reality, this is a game of two halves, a multiplayer component with combined arms combat and hero abilities that’s quite similar to Battlefield 2042, and a narrative campaign inspired by Black Hawk Down.

The multiplayer side is the one generating the most interest, for obvious reasons. As a free-to-play Battlefield competitor, it’s well positioned to disrupt the shooter scene, especially because it also has an extraction game mode.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is also on the ground at Summer Game Fest, so expect coverage from us soon. It’s currently in a closed beta in China, but the rest of the world should get the opportunity to join the action soon.

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