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Delta Force returns... as a hero shooter and Battlefield clone

The classic tactical shooter, Delta Force, is back - and it doesn't look much like what you might remember.

Image credit: Tencent

The Delta Force name is one old timers will be very familiar with, and it's an IP that's been dormant for years. Delta Force is the original PC tactical shooter series, though you could mistake today's reveal trailer for any other modern shooter, if not for the name.

Chinese publisher Tencent is bringing back Delta Force as a cross-platform (PC/consoles/mobile) multiplayer game, with a single-player campaign inspired by Ridley Scott's movie Black Hawk Down. We got a short teaser earlier this week, but the Opening Night Live pre-show delivered the goods with a deeper look at gameplay.

As you might have guessed from the teaser, this is not a tactical shooter in the way you'd think. The trailer shows mainly multiplayer footage, and it looks like characters have abilities like sonar arrows, HP boosts and other buffs typical of hero shooters.

Towards the end, we get to see some of the large-scale combat Tencent promised, and it looks like a distant version of Battlefield - minus the destruction (though even Battlefield proper seems to have forgotten about that, eh?)

The new game is developed by TiMi Studio. While today's footage was visually impressive, it did leave us with a lot of questions about the sort of game that it is, and what the name Delta Force represents.

We sadly didn't get a release date today (sometime in 2024), but the reboot overall looks promising.

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