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"Deeply flawed": research firm slams Microsoft's entertainment strategy

Microsoft's entertainment strategy has been called "deeply flawed" by Interactive entertainment research firm DFC, and the group has stated that the future of Microsoft's entertainment business hangs in the balance based on last week's Xbox One campaign.

During its Video Games Market report, the DFC said of Microsoft's recent approach to its entertainment business, "Microsoft's overall strategy for entertainment devices is deeply flawed," and added that last week's furore over Xbox One's online check-ins, anti-used policies and more have tipped the scales in Sony's favour. THe group has now raised PS4 sales projections ahead of Xbox One.

In a statement the DFC's David Cole said, “So far this has not had a major negative impact on the Xbox business but that is likely to change with the Xbox One launch. Right now the entire future of Microsoft's consumer entertainment business is in question and that is likely to have a major impact on the game industry.”

Will you buy an Xbox One regardless of these current issues? In a recent opinion piece Brenna has suggested that yes, you will. What do you think?

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