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Deathloop The Moxie | How to complete the lasers and pressure plates game

Hold your nerve over three floors to claim the top prize

In Deathloop, one of Charlie Montague’s giant LARP games, The Moxie, opens in Updaam during the afternoon. With a powerful prize promised to the triumphant winner, what can Colt do other than use every trick in the book to snag it for himself?

There are 6 puzzles in total to tackle in The Moxie, so here’s how to complete them and what you get as a reward.

Check out the featured video above for a visual guide of me playing through The Moxie and getting the top prize.

Where to find The Moxie in Deathloop

Right outside of one of Colt’s tunnels, The Moxie is a white building on the lowest level of Updaam, and opens up to challengers in the afternoon.

Once you enter, there’s a button right in front of you. Press it to hear a run-down of the event from Charlie Montague himself, as he explains the two sides of the game.

On the left-hand side of the three floors, you need to slip through trip lasers, Mission Impossible-style, and make it to the other side. While on the right, you need to make your way to the other end of the room while only standing on the illuminated tiles.

Both seem simple enough, but there’s a twist. You have to complete all 6 puzzles within the time limit to grab the ultimate prize.

If you didn’t have it equipped already, this challenge is next to impossible without the Shift Slab from Charlie or Juliana. Plus, you’ll want the Reach upgrade too.

Again, if you want a visual guide, check the top of the page for an embedded video above of me running through The Moxie.

The Moxie – First Floor

One the first floor of The Moxie, your tasks are the easiest they’re going to get, but they still aren’t easy.

On the left, you could try and squeeze through the lasers, but the best way is to abuse the way the Shift Slab works and zip past them as if they weren’t there.

Duck under the first beam, then shift past the row of 5 moving side-to-side. Move up forward when there’s room if you don’t have the Reach upgrade to get far enough. Next, you can just Shift through the remaining lasers.

On the right, the pressure plates light up in blocks on three and move down towards you one square every second. You can do this the old fashioned way and just jump between them, accounting for the movement as you go. Once you reach about three quarters of the way, cheat and Shift to the end. Move on upstairs.

The Moxie – Second Floor

This time the pressure plates are on the left, and you could say that this task is easier than the last. The solid block of lights moves one square left or right in a uniform fashion every second, and you need to time a single jump to move between them.

Trying to use the double jump here is probably not going to end well, but you should have enough time to methodically work your way to about three quarters of the way up, then Shift to the end. Next, on the right, the lasers are buisier this time around.

Hop over the first laser with a single jump, then Shift forward and over to the left hand side past the moving laser.

On the other side, duck under the next laser, then Shift your way to the end.

The Moxie – Third Floor

On the final floor, the lasers are again on the left and the pressure plates on the right.

To get past the third set of lasers, you need to line up three quick Shifts.

If you look in the middle of the room, you’ll see three sets of lasers moving forwards and backwards with the two on the outside moving the opposite way to the one in the middle.

Aim your Shift for the space left by the lasers on either the left or the right, then Shift there. Quickly afterwards, aim another Shift into the space behind the lasers on the opposite side of the room, so you zip in a zig-zag, avoiding both.

Finally, you should now be in range to just Shift to the end of the room.

As for the third set of pressure plates, it's simpler than it looks at first. Basically, the start and end of this puzzle are the same as the floor below where the blocks move in a long line all together.

Treat the start of this floor just like that, then Shift past the scattered blocks in the middle to where the plates turn into a line again on the other side. Then you can Shift again to the button.

If you’ve completed The Moxie in the required time, you’ll now be able to claim your prize - a Rapier that never runs out of ammo (unless you miss). Go find some Eternalists to test it on!

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