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Dead Rising 3 has the same visual fidelity as Uncharted, says Capcom Vancouver

Dead Rising 3 may be an open world title, but it packs the same visual fidelity as the "linear" Uncharted series, Capcom Vancouver has suggested.

Speaking with OXM, senior producer Jason Leigh said, "We kind of cram in the fidelity that you'd expect from a linear experience like Uncharted, and we try and do it everywhere so regardless of the angle you're taking through the world, it feels like you're playing that kind of game. [Our design team] has essentially hand-crafted spaces. You're not going to come across a cookie-cutter sort of world."

It is a big world to be fair, and you can enter a lot of the buildings. I wrote about what I played and saw of it at gamescom here.

What do you think of what you've seen so far? Does it look as good as Uncharted? Let us know below.

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