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Dead Rising 2 video shows a wedding made in hell


Weddings are lovely things. Full of flowers, champagne, gifts, toasts, your drunk Uncle Russ trying to feel-up every gal at the reception. Stuff little girls' dreams are made of.

Well, not the poor gal in this video. Her un-intended has a pig's head on his crotch, wears leather, and wields a chainsaw.

Thankfully, Chuck Greene comes to the rescue wearing a mesh shirt in this video from Dead Rising 2.

It's rather comical in a macabre sense.

You could have watched it below, courtesy of Playfront, but it has apparently been removed. MS Xbox World still has it though, but you'll have to download it - so it's your call.

Trust us when we say, it was a bit campy and disturbing at the same time.

Dead Rising 2 is out on September 28 in the US and October 2 in the UK for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in many different skus.

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