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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero delayed in Japan only, Capcom confirms


Following news this morning that Capcom had delayed Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, the 360-only prequel to Dead Rising 2, in Japan, the publisher has confirmed the game will release in the US and Europe tomorrow, as planned.

"You may have read this morning that Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has been delayed in Japan, and I can confirm that this is true. However, Case Zero will be releasing tomorrow as planned here in the West," said Capcom, speaking on Unity.

"Once again, the Japanese delay does not affect the release date for NA and European territories."

"Not appropriate for a free demo"

In an official statement, Capcom's Japanese headquarters said earlier today that the game has slipped because "elements were discovered in the trial version that are not appropriate for a free demo," according to Kotaku, relaying a Famitsu report.

According to Joystiq, there's a free portion to Case Zero, while a full unlock costs 400MSP.

The publisher not explicitly said what exactly needs to be corrected, and no new release date has been given for the Japanese version.

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