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We can't stop laughing at Dead Island: Epidemic calling itself a 'ZOMBA'

The self-proclaimed "ZOMBA" (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena), Dead Island: Epidemic, is available now on Steam Early Access.

deadislandepidemic (3)

The game will be Free-To-Play on release, but those wanting to jump in early will first need to battle everybody's favourite enemy, the microtransaction. Early Access is granted to players who purchase one of the following Starter Packs:

The Patient Zero Pack, priced at US$16.99, offers three characters, five unique weapons plus the Golden Sprocket Hammer, and bonus boosters, character and gear points and in-game cash.

The Deadicated Pack (geddit?), at $39.99, includes all of the above, plus six Tier 2 weapons, the Golden Precise Shotgun, the Keghammer, and larger bundles of in-game points and cash. In addition, it's the only way to play as Sam B, one of the four protagonists from the original Dead Island.

The Contagion Pack is basically four copies of the Deadicated Pack, to gift to your friends. It's a pretty good deal, considering it's only five bucks more.

Dead Island: Epidemic hasn't been given a final release date yet, but considering it has another round of Open Beta to go, it's still some ways off.

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