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DayZ will have three price increases between now and 2016 release

DayZ will increase in price to $34.99 shortly, then $49.99 by the time it's ready for full release in 2016.


The price hike comes after a full year in Early Access, where it has been priced at $29.99. The current price will stand until the end of Steam's Fall sales, according to publisher Bohemia Interactive.

A Beta version of the game is due in late 2015 priced $43.99.

The development team has also sketched out upcoming improvements to the game, with the first half of 2015 seeing the introduction of vehicles and a new zombie AI, followed by barricades, traps and construction in the latter half of next year.

Q1 2015

Basic vehicles
Advanced loot distribution
New renderer
New Zombie AI
Basic stealth system (zombies and animals)

Q2 2015

Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
Advanced animals (life cycle, group behavior)
Player statistics
New UI
Player stamina
Dynamic events

Q3 2015

Character life span + soft skills
Animal predators + birds
Aerial transport
Console prototype

Q4 2015

Animal companions
Steam community integration
Construction (base building)
BETA version, expected price 34,99 EUR / 43,99 USD

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