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Days Gone is getting a New Game Plus mode next week in free update

Days Gone is getting a sizeable free update next week.

The PlayStation 4 release, which places you, a motorcycle riding Oregonian, up against a post-apocalyptic horde of zombies, will be getting new difficulty settings along with a New Game Plus mode. The update is slated to hit September 13, according to the official PlayStation blog.

Days Gone's new mode lets players replay earlier areas while still kitted out with previously earned weapons, skills, bike upgrades, boosters, and collectibles. You'll be able to start the mode from any save containing a completed I'm Never Giving Up mission.

The update will allow you to choose from a range of difficulty settings prior to hitting the road once again in Games Plus Mode - Easy, Normal, Hard, and Survival settings as well as two new ones, Hard 2 and Survival 2. You can also access these new difficulty settings when you play the game from scratch.

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