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Day 1 Studios concept art surfaces for cancelled Gotham by Gaslight title

Concept art for a Day 1 Studios pitch, based on the steampunk comic Gotham by Gaslight, has surfaced thanks to a posting from its artist, Julie Farrell. Discovered by Supererogatory, the UI art was created two years ago, according to, but it looks as though THQ didn't bite. According to what Farrell told Joystiq, the game would have had a story mode, grenades, a "slowmo" button, and shooter elements. Speaking on her portfolio page, Farrell said at the request of THQ, she has taken her art down, but it is still viewable over on Kotaku. Gotham by Gaslight was created by writer Brian Augustyn and featured art from Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. The comic, a one-off from DC, took place in turn-of-the-century Gotham City, and focused on Bruce Wayne trying to stop Jack the Ripper.

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