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Darksiders 2 to take advantage of Wii U features

Darksiders 2 will make full use of the Wii U's Game Pad and Nintendo Network readiness.

Speaking to Polygon at a preview event, a THQ representative said players will be able to control the game entirely using the Game Pad - something that hasn't yet been demonstrated to press.

The touch pad can be used to go through Death's expansive inventory, quest log, map and skill tree, while optional motion controls allow you to use the built-in gyroscope to control the Reaper's leaps.

THQ has two new DLC packs in the works for the game, The Abyssal Forge and The Demon Lord Belial, which it will offer post-launch through the eShop.

Darksiders 2 is one of the Wii U's launch titles.

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