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Darksiders 2 experiments with Four Horsemen and Wii U

Vigil Games is bringing Death to the Wii U. Literally. Where the original Darksiders focussed on horseman War, the sequel will focus on his brother, Death. The hack'n'slash is a launch title for Nintendo's new console, and it's a refreshingly unusual choice.

Producer Ryan Stefanelli wants to bring you up to speed on the game, reminding everybody that, in the first Darksiders, War was wrongly accused of causing the apocalypse and extinction of mankind. Oops. Somewhat predictably, the forces of both Heaven and Hell were a little bit upset, and set out to bring about War's destruction.

The sequel, confusingly set during "roughly the same time period as the first game", covers what happens when War tells Death about what's been going on. "Knowing that his brother would never commit such an atrocity, Death works behind the scenes to clear War's name," says Stefanelli.

"Unlike his brother, Death is more than willing to work with some of the more shady characters of the Underworld. The story revolves around Death travelling through the Abyss, making deals and bargains, and ultimately having to make a very difficult personal decision."

Sounds fairly straight-forward to me! The game takes an action-RPG approach we should all be familiar with, and from early reports, has translated very well to the Wii U. Your inventory and map systems are all on the touch-screen tablet controller, meaning your big-screen tv is free to display the action.

Early days yet, and things are still being worked on, but to hear more behind-the-scenes from Vigil, head to CVG and read their shiny new preview.

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