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Dark Souls 3 champ beats every boss at level one without rolling, blocking or parrying

Kneel to your new ruler. Spoilers ahead.


Dark Souls 3 champ beats every boss at level one without rolling, blocking or parrying

Dark Souls 3 challenge runs are getting more and more amazing by the day. The latest one to catch our eyes comes from YouTuber TolomeoR, and combines two common challenge modifiers into one breathtakingly difficult feat: no rolling, blocking or parrying, and no levelling up (otherwise known as SL1 or soul level one).

It sounds impossible, but it's not. TolomeoR started with the broadsword, and only upgraded to a more powerful weapon after defeating Champion Gundyr. Let's just let that sink in for a bit. A starting weapon right through to Champion Gundyr, one of the toughest fights in the game for those who can't parry. Imagine doing it without a shield or rolling. Argh.

Dropping the champion allowed TolomeoR to use Astora's Straight Sword, thanks to the Priestess Ring. Apart from that, they used the Cloranthy, Flynn's and Lloyd's Sword rings.

The secrets of the build don't make this any less impressive. It was not an easy run.

"The run took about 50-60 hours in total, with the three hardest bosses being Soul of Cinder, Nameless and the Twin Princes," the victorious Ashen One wrote on Reddit.

"Soul of Cinder alone took a solid ~15 hours of attempts."

Below you can check out a video of TolomeoR battling Soul of Cinder. It looks pretty easy but anybody who's faced off against this guy knows how much skill is on show here. If you'd like to see the other bosses go down, there's a full playlist including Nameless King, Champion Gundyr, Pontiff Sulyvahn, and all the other baddied who made you want to tear out your hair in rage.

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