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Dark Souls 3 mod brings AK47s and M16s to the game

The gift that is Dark Souls mods keeps on giving.

Mod creator Forsakensilver has attempted to answer a question Souls fans have had for years: what if you could shoot your way out of trouble? The modder's latest project does exactly that, bringing modern firearms to the world of Dark Souls 3.

The mod replaces all the crossbows in the game with modern weapons. The heavy crossbow, for instance, is now an AK47, whereas the light crossbow gets turned into a Vector. All new weapons come with their own sound and visual effects. They don't quite sound like real guns, of course, but they're good enough.

Amazingly, Forsakensilver even managed to replicate real-world fire selection. Two-handing a weapon puts it in full auto, and holding it in one hand switches to semi-auto. The latter is more accurate, of course, but uses more stamina - essentially your ammo in this case, since traditional ammo is set to infinite.

Forsakensilver says Modern Firearm should be compatible with other mods, as it doesn't modify the data0.bdt file. If you're curious, check the mod out for yourself at Nexus mods.

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Thanks, PC Gamer.

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