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Dark Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - Frozen Eleum Loyce

Journey through the frozen half of the game on your quest to find the Eye of the Priestess.

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Dark Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - Frozen Eleum Loyce

To get started, head over to the Shaded Woods bonfire at the Ruined Fork Road. Go down the left path opposite the foggy area and you'll find the Shrine of Winter. Examine the obelisk here to access the Crown of the Ivory King.

Go through the door at the top of the hill and up the stairs to light the bonfire. This is the Frozen Eleum Loyce, Outer Wall bonfire. As you move forward you'll be hit with a blast of cold air that causes some damage, but push through into the small opening.

Frozen Eleum Loyce

From here you can go left or right, but if you go left you're going to start a boss battle with Aava, the King's Pet. Aava will be invisible unless you have the Eye of the Priestess so you don't even want to go there at this stage.

Head right and kill the Frozen Soldier, then go through the doorway and fight another. A second enemy will attack from the passage, so be prepared. It's also difficult to see in here. Grab the four Radiant Lifegems from the corner.

As you go down the stairs you'll have to fight a Frozen Soldier and an invader Frozen Soldier. Smash the debris in here for a Soul Flash spell and a set of Northwarder armour (hood, robe, trousers and manchettes). Go through the main door and across the bridge and a Frozen Soldier will attack from the room at the far side. There is a Retainer here but it is no threat while the storm rages - but they will attack once the storm has been dispelled. Use ranged attacks on them and make sure you fight them both separately, not at the same time.

In the passage ahead you'll find two Goldenfruit Balm items and just beyond that a soldier attacks from the left. Once you dealt with him you'll see stairs that lead to three frozen hounds. Use a ranged attack on the hounds but they'll still approach so you'll have to fight at least one face-to-face.

In the corner of the area below is a Winged Spear +7. Go down the next stairs and go into the area on the left for five torches near the edge of the cliff.

As you head down the path you'll find areas to the left and the right are blocked by ice. When the location is thawed out you'll find a Retainer Staff, two Goldenfruit Balms and a Dried Root on the right. On the left is a retainer, who will be active when thawed.

In the next open area you'll find a Retainer up against a wall on the right, three Frozen Soldiers and a Frozen Warrior. Behind the fountain is a second Retainer. Use ranged attacks on two of the Frozen Warriors. Once those are down use ranged attacks on the Frozen Warrior, which will retaliate with projectiles. As you move close the third Soldier will attack, so switch you assault on him before finishing off the Warrior.

Once you've dealt with the Retainer you can continue. When the snow eventually thaws you'll find three Repair Powders.

A little further on from where the Frozen Warrior was positioned you'll find another Frozen Soldier and a Frozen Warrior. When both are defeated you'll find five Small Blue Burrs. Now head to the mound of snow and you'll see a Frozen Soldier attacking with ranged attacks. You can either fire back from here or run around the mound of snow and take it down face-to-face. There's also another Frozen Warrior and a Retainer at the top of the stairs - these may come down and join the fight so be careful.

If the ice has thawed, you can go into the building on the right. You'll find a guide to the first Knight of Eleum Loyce location here.

Now go up the stairs and fight three Frozen Soldiers and a Hound. Attack from a distance then finish them off when they get close. None of the boxes and barrels in this room are explosive.

There are two doors here. One leads outside and another into a building - if the ice has already been thawed you'll find three chests containing; two Divine Blessing, Sorcerer's Twinblade and Soul Vessel.

If the ice is thawed head around the corner to fight a Frozen Warrior at the top of the stairs then go up there and you'll find a room with two Retainers. Once these are defeated head up the next stairs to fight a Frozen Giant and the three chests.

If you've not yet thawed the ice, go through the other door to fight three Frozen Warriors and three Retainers.

Once they're dead go through the doorway on the left at the top of the hill. Inside you'll fight a Prisoner, then smash the crates to find an opening. Through the opening you'll head into a tunnel with an invader Frozen Giant. Take this one down in the tunnel, then head out and you'll have to fight a second giant.

Further up the hill is a third giant which you should kill and then grab the Old Bell Helm. Be careful the wind doesn't blow you off.

Go back to where you thought the Prisoner and make a note of the area on the left. It leads to a ring of pedestals and a door that can't be opened until the area has been thawed out, but it's here you'll find the Garrison Ward Key.

Now go into the room on the other side to the bonfire in the lower area. This is the Frozen Eleum Loyce, Abandoned Dwelling bonfire.

Behind the door on the side here are two Frozen Giants, but if you use ranged attacks you can lure one in at a time. Once they're dead go up the snow hill on the left to fight a Frozen giant, Frozen Soldier and more Retainers. in the middle of the area on the far right are three Lloyd's Talismans.

On the left is a staircase with another Frozen Giant on the right. Before you go up the stairs you'll see a small passage to the right of the tree. Go up and through the passage to the left to find a Ring of the Embedded.

Turn around and go left around the building in front of you. Follow it until you can go right and down the small alley which leads to a snow mound, retainers and a Dark Dance hex.

Drop down to the area below then head up the stairs on the right until you reach the top. Fight the Rampart Golem and there's a door in the small passage but it won't open from this side. In the passage there's a window on the right where you can see into the building ahead. Take out the Frozen Soldier with a ranged attack before entering.

Over the other side of the bridge you'll find five Radiant Lifegems on the left. Pull the lever on the right to open the door. You'll see a long walkway perpendicular to the path you're on and to the right a door leading into the building, as well as stairs going up. To the left are three Prisoners and a Rampart Golem.

You should be able to kill all the Prisoners with ranged attacks then kill the Golem. The gate behind him won't open yet until you have the Garrison Ward Key.

When you do have the key, open the gate to find the Frozen Eleum Loyce, Expulsion Chamber bonfire. Light it, then examine the coffin to be transported to the Frigid Outskirts.

Back to the current location, head through the door and into the building. There are five frozen chests here but once thawed out four of them contain; two Brightbug items, three Bonfire Ascetic items, seven Old Radiant Lifegems and a Titanite Slab. The chest on the far right is a Mimic, so attack it and it will drop a Catarina Armour.

Leave the room and climb the stairs to fight another Rampart Golem. Go up more stairs and follow the path at the top where you'll pass a Retainer and see another Rampart Golem. Wait for it to approach before you attack because you won't be able to get past its shield with a ranged weapon.

Carry along the small tunnel but don't go beyond it. If you've melted the ice you can go down the staircase to the second Knight of Eleum Loyce location.

If not, go ahead to your first fight with a Black Ice Knight. These enemies are almost impossible to see while the storm is raging, so you need to be sheltered from the storm to see their outlines.

From the edge of the tunnel you can see two crossbow turrets and the Black Ice Knight manning the one of the right. Hit it with a ranged attack and wait for it to come to you in the tunnel. Once killed these do not respawn when you die or rest at a bonfire.

With the second Black Ice Knight you can hit it with ranged attack and run off down the tunnel when it approaches. It won't follow, but will instead return to the crossbow, where you can repeat the process.

Further down the path on the right are 15 Prism Stones, two Goldfruit Balms and a Large Soul of a Brave Warrior. You can use a Pharros Lockstone here when the ice has melted and attack the ghostly image to receive a chest containing Durgo's Hat.

Head to the far side to fight a Rampart Golem inside a small room. There's a small frozen chest that holds three Elizabeth Mushrooms once thawed. Head out the doorway to the left.

At the next small tunnel kill the soldier in the left hand room and pull the lever at the far end. It raises debris that blocked the way back in the side room near the start of the location.

Go back outside and on the balcony you'll find eight Green Blossoms, but as you move close to them a Frozen Warrior from downstairs will begin to approach. Kill it and pick up the items. From here you can now go down the stairs to finally find the Eye of the Priestess.

If you want to grab some more loot, including a Splinter Lightning spear and a Human Effigy, go across and open the door into the adjacent tower.

Four Frozen Hounds will attack as soon as you enter so use the space here - they're not much of a threat. Pick up the Human Effigy on the far side and go up the stairs to fight a Frozen Soldier near the top. You can't attack at close range because the stairs are broken. Hit it with a ranged attack and it will drop down where you can finish it off.

Go back up the stairs and through the opening on the right to a blacony. Here you can get a Soul of a Great Hero. Go back downstairs and out the door, then climb up the ladder to the right. Open the chest for a Splinter Lightning Spear miracle. Now head back to where were the stairs to find the Eye of the Priestess.

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