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Darks Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - second Knight of Eleum Loyce location

Fight Demon Rabbits and Snow Slugs as you track down the second Knight of Eleum Loyce.

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Darks Souls 2 guide: Crown of the Ivory King - second Knight of Eleum Loyce location

Go down the bridge and to the building on the right and take the lift down. You'll fight three Demon Rabbits and pick up two Goldenfruit Balm items and two Monastery Charms.

Through the opening on the far side is another Demon Rabbit, so kill it with a ranged attack. To the right of the pillars are two Twilight Herbs and near the end of the pillars you'll find another Demon Rabbit.

On the other side of the pillars the Dark Spirit Hexer will invade, loaded with magic attacks. Don't move to close or you'll trigger more opponents, but once he's defeated take down the Demon Rabbit on the right and pick up two Old Growth Balms. There are three Retainer Wizards on the ledges above that you'll need to deal with.

Over on the far right are another two Demon Rabbits and a third through the arches. There are five Amber Herbs to the left of the door beyond the arches.

This door doesn't open from this side, so go up the ladder on the far right and open the chest for three Boltstones and on the far side of the upper area you'll find two Magic Stones.

Through the doorway on the right you'll find the Frozen Eleum Loyce, Lower Garrison bonfire. Light it and go up through to the doorway on the right and up the stairs to fight another invader. As you appraoch him he runs off down the stairs.

Go through the doorway and into the building, down the hall and out the door to pull a lever which will open a gate below. You need to go down to the lowest level and through the gate where you'll meet the invader again. He fights with quick stabbing attacks so be careful - get behind him for critical attacks and be patient of his large health.

Go down the path and drop to the area below to fight two invader Demon Rabbits and a Snow Slou. There are loads of items here for you to take; a Large Club +8, two Dried Roots, two Twinkling Titanite, a Crimson Water and three Smooth & Silky Stones.

If you run past them quickly into the passage you can fight them one at a time. The Snow Slug will drop a Ivory Warrior Ring when you kill it so it's worth persevering with the fight even if it seems tricky. Try to kill the Demon Rabbits first as they are quicker than the Slug. But beware the Slug has a lunge attack that does a lot of damage. Dodge it and counter attack for the best results.

Once they're all dead there are two tunnels. the left hand one leads to the locked door in the area with all the pillars, so nip down there to open it for a shortcut, then come straight back and go down the right tunnel. There's another Demon Rabbit to kill with ranged attacks, and a second that approaches from the right. Now stay in the tunnels and fight the four Ice Golems, where you can take them on one at a time.

As you come out of the tunnel two more Demon Rabbits will attack. Kill them and go left for the five Charcoal Pine Resins, although be prepared for one last Demon Rabbit to attack.

Around the corner on the right is a Pharros' Lockstone. Go through the door in the building and ride the lift to the upper level, then go left to see three Frozen Giants. Hit one with a ranged weapn and walk back to the room with the lift where you can attack one at a time.

Now go up the hill to take out another Frozen Giant and further up another two Demon Rabbits. Kill them, and then kill another two Frozen Giants around the corner of the building.

Around the building you'll come across another Demon Rabbit and a Rampart Golem. Kill them and take the three Vine Balms on the left. go around the building and up the stairs to open a gate at the top. Here is the second Knight of the Eleum Loyce who will teleport to the Cathedral when you approach him.

Now go back to the lift and go over the bridge where you will find Azal's Staff, four Radiant Lifegems, and three Cracked Red Eye Orbs. Now return to the last bonfire as you have completed this area.

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