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Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King - Sir Alonne boss battle

Face off with Sir Alonne and take the Smelter Wedge from his throne.

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Boss Battle: Sir Alonne

Reward: Soul of Sir Alonne

There are two ways to fight Sir Alonne - you can tackle him with melee attacks and continuous strafing, or fight from a distance attempting to dodge his range attacks.

When fighting close range you he has a variety of attacks; a single lunging attack, and a combo of two or three attacks. As with all bosses in Dark Souls, pay attention to his animations to figure out what he's about to do, and use pauses in his animation to counter attack.
When you fight close range he jumps back and then lunges at you in a long-range attack. You can dodge and roll and then get a couple of hits in depending on the weapon you're using to fight him. Block his attacks with a shield are not recommended as it sucks up a lot of your stamina, even when blocking his combo attacks.

He'll occasionally attack from a distance and he charges up before using it, giving you time to dodge left or right. wait for it, run and dodge to get clear.

At a distance you'll only have to deal with projectile attacks and his lunging attacks. Again, roll left or right as he lunges but make sure you're rolling towards him, so that you roll up to him and are able to get a couple of strikes in.

Sir Alonne can also do a jumping attack which is faster and harder to dodge. As soon as he'as in the air roll left ot right to avoid the attack. Don't wait around.

Once you've defeated Sir Alonne go through the hallway on the right and you'll come to a throne. Examine it and you'll pick up a Smelter Wedge and complete the memory.

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