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Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King - getting started, Smelter Wedge, approaching Brume Tower

Welcome to the second Dark Souls 2 DLC. Let's get started with the Smelter Wedges and find our way to Brume Tower.

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When you buy the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC you'll find a Heavy Iron Key in your inventory. You'll need to go to the Eygil's Idol bonfire in the Iron Keep. The traps here should be switched off but if they're not just flip the switch at the top of the ramp. Now go to the bonfire and head down the ladder into the room below, and down the other ladder in the far right corner.

There's a small passage at the bottom of the ladder guarded by an enemy. See it off or lure it away before running past. Go down the rooftop and onto the path below, and head for the location where you battled the Old Iron King. To the far right is a small room with an open chest and a set of stairs leading to the bonfire below.

There's a doorway beyond the bonfire that features a serpentine obelisk. Examine it and you'll enter the DLC area. Go up the stairs and through the door at the top, and into the lift. Go through the mist and continue right and up the stairs, ignoring the fallen soldiers on the floor.

At the statue here you'll find six Smelter Wedges which are crucial to this DLC. You will use them to deactiviate the Ashem Idols, but be warned: there are more that six Idols so make sure you use them wisely. Idols either spew flames and lava, or just spawn enemies. You'll need to time it right to stop the flaming idols so be careful around them.

Now, make your way across the daunting chain to enter Brume Tower.

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