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Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Old Iron King - Fume Knight boss battle

Strategies on how to take apart the Fume Knight and beat the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC.

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Boss Battle: Fume Knight

Reward: Soul of the Fume Knight

You need to get close to the sword in the middle of the ground to start the boss fight. at the beginning the Fume knight will use a Rapier sword and an ultra greatsword. Stay close, strafe around to the right and you'll avoid a lot of attacks from the greatsword.

Greatsword attacks suck up a lot more stamina to block than the rapier attacks. The Fume Knight usually swings the rapier twice and then once or twice with the greatsword. If you watch him you'll see he takes a while to wind up a greatsword attack.

And there are other times where the Fume Knight will just swing his greatsword but the attacks come from the opposite side. blocking sucks a lot of stamina and he can do this attack two or three times in a row, so it's best to avoid it entirely.

If you try to back away from the Fume Knight he will lunge with the rapier or swing the greatsword. Both attacks have a good reach so be careful, and if any of the Ashen Idols have been nutralised he will heal himself if he touches them.

After a certain point in the battle the Fume Knight will power up and his greatsword will become magical, inflicting magic attacks. stay close and strafe to his right and dodge attacks rather than block them. You'll be able to see all of his attacks coming from the starting animation so it's easier to roll out of his reach.

Whenever you see the Fume Knight stab his sword into the ground there are two things you can do. This attack will send fireballs in every direction along the ground and if they hit they do massive amounts of damage. You can roll to the side but you'll have to be precise, or you can roll backwards, which gives you a little more space.

Between attacks continue to strafe and attack when you see a gap. The battle is really about avoiding his greatsword magic attacks and countering every chance you get.

When the battle is complete you have defeated the Fume Knight and beat the Crown of the Old King DLC.

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