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Dante shines in Devil May Cry E3 screens and trailer

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Capcom and Ninja Theory have sent Dante clubbing - in both senses - in new assets out of E3 2012.

Capcom also shared some information about a mysterious faction:

  • "The Order is a small group of freedom fighters led by a mysterious leader that has one sole objective: to put an end to the demon occupation of the human world. With the humans blind to the suppression that they live under, The Order acts as the world’s last line of defence against the all-powerful demons.
    The Order wages war on the demons, and their collaborators, not only with force but also through counter- intelligence, politics and propaganda. It hasgreat insight into the demon oligarchy - their communications, business dealings and future plans for mankind. The Order needs one more recruit to the cause, Dante, before turning the demon who’s who list into an assassination hit list."

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