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D4: Swery's Kinect-powered Xbox One exclusive discussed

D4 - or 'Dark Dreams Don't Die' - is the Xbox One debut of Deadly Premonition creator Swery65 and Access Games. The title was revealed at E3 last month, but the developer has shed new light on the Kinect-powered romp in a new preview.

IGN reports that D4 is a digital-only title and stars a detective called David who can touch an object, then hop into its past to solve crimes. He's trying to save his wife 'Little Peggy' from some sort of tragedy using his skills.

While the game uses Kinect, it is entirely optional, but it can be used to issue voice commands and interact with the world using motion. Swery has stressed that the game was designed to be played sitting down however.

Just like Deadly Premonition, the game is laden with humour. Swery told the site, "Deadly Premonition… was a little bit weird, and this one’s also a little bit weird." IGN also likened D4's gameplay to TellTale's Walking Dead adventure series, which should bode well for fans.

Back at E3 Microsoft confirmed D4 as an episodic game, and showed off a mission in a passenger jet. Check out the footage here:

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