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Crystal Dynamics recruiting hints at new IP for next-gen

Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics seems to have at least one other unannounced project on the go.

A new job ad posted on the studio's website calls for a new staffer to help create "a cutting edge, original IP for future platforms".

The mysterious project is presumably one of the "third-person action adventure AAA titles" mentioned a little later in the ad.

The Square Enix-owned Crystal Dynamics had been rumoured to be working on a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver reboot, which doesn't match the description given in the ad. While it certainly seems possible that ome of the team has moved onto a second project as Tomb Raider nears the end of its development cycle, the developer has been a one-game show up till now, and it seems unlikely it would have three properties on the go at once.

Current effort Tomb Raider is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March.

Thanks, GameTrailers.

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