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Crysis 2 LE bonuses shown in multiplayer video


EA just put out a video of the multiplayer perks afforded by the Crysis 2 Limited Edition, showing off bonus classes, a weapon skin and more.

The game's premium versions were announced last week at gamescom.

"Bonus XP" means day one access to five pre-set classes in Assault, Scout, Sniper, Demolitions and Defence.

A SCAR weapon skin is included. This is a "digital camouflage" for an assault rifle. A bonus weapon attachment will be given to buyers in the form of a SCAR hologram decoy, an under-slung fake soldier launcher for the SCAR rifle. Neat.

If you're willing to shell out for one of the super-packs, you'll also get a "unique platinum dogtag," which displays rank and status after you've been killed..

The Limited Edition is available for no extra cost, but it is, obviously, limited, and you'll only get it by pre-ordering.

A Nano version is also available, but that'll set you back £119.99 as it "extremely limited".

It includes the Limited Edition housed in a steel case plus an 11” statue of the game’s hero, Prophet, on top of a New York taxi cab, a high-quality art book, all packaged inside a backpack modelled after the Nanosuit itself.

Crysis 2 ships on March 25 next year.

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