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Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham expansion coming in November

Crusader Kings 2 receives its fifth expansion next month, bringing in content from Medieval Europe's three major faiths: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Due on November 18, Sons of Abraham is designed to flesh out the religious side of the game for monotheists - especially Christians - after a couple of pagan-focused expansions. In a developer post, Paradox detailed the Christian content and promised more information soon.

The Pope will become a more important feature; a Cardinal title and College of Cardinals of up to nine members has been created to influence how the Pope is elected, what he can do, and how you win his favour. The Pope is always elected from the College of Cardinals, amd Cardinals are named by the Pope from among his courtiers and the bishops of Europe based on age, piety, opinion, culture and more.

To get a friendly Pope, you need to have one of your bishops made Cardinal - you can spend money on campaigning if your bishops aren't pious enough. If your newly-elected Cardinal has the chops, he may be chosen as Pope when the old one dies.

Friendly Popes are more likely to grant requests like divorces and invasions. Popes will now also be able to hand over funds, approve bishop candidates and declare Crusades. Unfortunately, every favour they grant makes their liking for you decrease. However, if the Pope is a member of your dynasty, you'll score lots of extra resources.

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