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Core Keeper’s next update, The Desert of Beginnings, introduces karting and bug hunting

This will be Core Keeper’s biggest content update yet.

Core Keeper is a mining sandbox adventure for between one and eight players, with an adorable pixel art style. Alone or as part of a group, you adventure around an ancient cavern underground, where you must mine, fight, and craft to survive.

Take a look at Core Keeper's trailer here.

As you play Core Keeper more, you’ll craft a base, come face to face with monsters, be able to farm crops, and just about everything else you’d expect from a mining sandbox title. That said, however, Core Keeper’s upcoming update looks to add even more activities for you and your friends to engage with!

The upcoming update, named The Desert of Beginnings, will arrive on November 10 for free following the game’s Early Access launch back in March of this year. What will the update include, you ask?

Well, the update introduces a new biome suitably named Desert of Beginnings, a new sub-biome named Molten Quarry, as well as various new enemies, weapons, music, and base building options. Two huge new features being introduced are also karting and bug-hunting.

Karting is exactly as it sounds. Players will be able to discover an all-new ore called Galaxite, and from there, they can begin crafting go-karts. As a result, players can kart around new biomes to their heart’s content.

To help with exploring the new biomes and all they have to offer, bug-hunting will be added to the game. Players can grab a bug net, and then head off to find and capture critters across the land to form their own collection. This sounds very Animal Crossing, if you ask me, and I like the sound of it.

Two new bosses will also be added to the game alongside new weapons, gear, and tools; there’ll be Igneous the Molten Mass, and Ra-Akar the Sand Titan for you and pals to go head to head with. In addition to all of this new content, quality of life improvements have been made to Core Keeper, and Steam Achievements have been added to the game.

As for what Pugstorm’s COO and lead animator has to say, Sven Thole shares, “The Desert of Beginnings is by far our biggest update for Core Keeper yet and the one we are most excited for players to discover. We have been listening very closely to what players enjoy the most about the game, along with what else they would like to see included, and believe we have come a long way to delivering on that with this update. We really love the new gameplay opportunities the go-karts provide and cannot wait to see how the community reacts to it.”

Core Keeper’s current Halloween event, Creepy Costume Party, is set to end on November 5. Just five days later, you’ll be able to jump into Core Keeper’s The Desert of Beginnings update and explore all the new content that there is to find.

Have you been playing Core Keeper or considering picking it up? Do let me know, as I’m currently quite tempted to give it a go myself.

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