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Confirmed - Star Wars: The Old Republic announced, first details

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Star Wars: The Old Republic - an EA-published, BioWare-developed story-driven MMO - has just been announced in San Francisco.

The game has been confirmed for PC only and has no release date at this time.

It's set a few thousand years before Darth Vader's reign when the Republic and Sith still were at loggerheads with one another. In fact, its just a few hundred years after the era that Knight of the Old Republic was set it, for those of your who followed the Xbox RPGSs.

We're told you can be Jedi, Sith and many more characters from within the mythology. The game will focus on your character's choices and it is here the light and dark side of the force plays its central role in your character's development.

We're promised the game will be more story-driven than previous MMOs with the aim being to emotionally involve people as well as offering a traditional massively multiplayer experience.

More soon.

Remember we're live-blogging the whole thing right here. So don't miss out.

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