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Conan Exiles players can control towering gods, use them to destroy cities and crush enemies

Conan Exile will go into Early Access on Steam in less than two weeks, and Funcom has provided a new trailer and some new information on the game ahead of time.

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In the game, players will start off as a condemned exile who is being crucified in the desert. The venerable Conan himself cuts you down, but you cannot join him on his journey. Instead, you will need to try and survive in the Exiled Lands.

A serpent bracelet adorns the player's wrist, and will kill them if trying to cross the magical, Cursewall barrier surrounding the Exiled Lands. The player will also be in the dark regarding who placed the bracelet on them and the reason why they were exiled. Hopefully, the player will be able to unravel the mystery at some point.

As the player explores, they will find many other exiles in the land which have formed factions. Here is where survival of the fittest takes over, and players will need to form alliances or dominate others in order to survive.

In the newest video for Conan Exiles posted above, you'll get a look at how players will dominate through war and brutality. What else would one expect from a game based on the Conan the Barbarian universe? For example: the fatality system allows players to "slice each other in half" and even see their own head "rolling away from them." Awesome.

While residing in the Exiled Lands, players will be tasked with building cities and fortresses to claim land, and to help defend their settlements, they will need to capture thralls defend their settlements and act as fodder for enemies who try to claim the territory for themselves.

Players can also create special weapons and armor, build altars to their god and bring them sacrifices to appease them. Should they earn the blessings of their god, the player will be able to summon and take direct control of "huge, towering avatars" of the gods. These can roam the world and crush buildings and unfortunate souls under their weight.

Several countermeasures against avatars will be available, and players can also choose to run and play on servers without avatars if they wish.

Speaking of servers, the system allows players to join other on private and public servers in either multiplayer or local single-player. That's pretty great.

The system allows users to host a local game, play online through an official server hosted by Funcom, play online through a server hosted by someone else, set up dedicated servers or rent one through Funcom’s official server partner PingPerfect.

To find a server which fits a preferred playstyle, a Community Filter option is available to players when they first start the game, featuring categories such as hardcore, role-play, casual, and other.

A server control system is available to those who choose to run their own, and allows then to alter aspects such as toggling PvP, turning off avatars, disabling sandstorms, control the day/night cycle, resource yield, and tons more. These settings can be made on the fly by the server admin, and many won't require a server restart.

Also, Conan Exiles will feature full mod support on PC and the plan is to make mods available at the start of Early Access.

Mods can be created through the available custom Unreal Engine editor, and will allow modders to create new monsters and items, change the gameplay and more. The mod management tool also connects to the Steam Workshop.

You can find out more on server settings and mod support through a developer blog.

Conan Exiles will enter Early Access on PC on January 31. It will be available as an Xbox One Game Preview title in the spring with PlayStation 4 planned for a later date.

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