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Check out Africa by Toto being played on instruments in Majora's Mask

I hear the drums echoing tonight.

Here's something fun for your weekend listening pleasure: Toto's Africa being played in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Created by YouTuber Bigfatfrown, the video features him playing various instruments in the game to create his own cover of the hit song. The harmonies are outstanding, honestly.

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Creating music using in-game instruments is nothing new (hello Starbound players!), heck, I even have my own band in Lord of the Rings Online along with tons of other players, but my version of Africa can't compare to Bigfatfrown's solid performance. Well done, I say!

You can compare this really neat version of the song to the original here.

Released in 1982, Africa is off of Toto's fourth studio album, and is one of Toto's most endearing songs. It was also the only single released by the band to hit number one on the Billboard top 100. Another of the band's other popular songs from the same album, Roseanna, reached number two on the chart. The band had other hits as well, but those two seem to have had the most airplay - especially on MTV back in the day.

Anyway, just something fun for your Saturday. Enjoy!

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