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Are we cheap enough to run this non-story about GTA 6? Hell yeah!

Tenuous GTA 6 story of the day: a real estate company wants Rockstar's next game to happen in Portland.

It's even gone so far as to create a GTA-style map.

As editor of VG247 I take full responsibility for the cheapness of this story.

Forgetting the fact that Rockstar doesn't set its Grand Theft Auto games in real world locations, the people at Movoto reckon Portland would be ideal because it's a den of strippers, booze, guns and cops. So is my house but I don't want you lot playing in it.

They also reckon the hipster community is ripe for a Rockstar ribbing (ignoring GTA Online's I'm Not A Hipster update) and something something about coffee shops.

The map is pretty decent, at least.


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