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CES 2014: Sony unveils new head-mounted display, offers virtual 700-inch screen

Sony has unveiled the latest iteration of its HMZ head-mounted display line at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. It offers a virtual 700-inch screen, 3D support and more.

(Note: the image attached to this article on our homepage is of the headset's old model, as Sony is yet to issue photos of the new edition.)

It follows last year's launch of Sony's HMZ-T3W headset, which retails at $999.

Now, VentureBeat reports that the new HMZ-T3Q offers a virtual screen that can stretch between 700-750 inches, and tracks head movement so a user can turn to focus-in on a desired area of the screen.

Sony Electronic’s president and chief operating officer Michael Fasulo took to the stage during CES to state, "The head-mounted display is a theatre on your head,” before revealing that the device is completely portable.

We'll have more on the device as pricing and release details are revealed. Stay tuned.

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