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Castle Crashers tourney grand prize is a gold plated Xbox 360


Behemoth has a question - Who is the best Castle Crashers Arena Fighter in all the world? The answer will be found during the Tournament of Champions, and the newly identified king of the castle will walk away with a 24-karat gold-plated Xbox 360. It works, too.

How or why you would gold plate a console is anyone's guess; perhaps you'd prefer second place, with its attendant Castle Crashers-themed Xbox 360.

Third place will receive one hundred squishy chickens. I don't know what that means but the image is adorable.

The Behemoth Blog has all the details; the event marks reaching the staggering milestone of 2 million XBLA players, and entrance is dependent on ranking within the top 100 weekly ranked arena players on the leaderboards at noon January 28 (8:00 PM GMT).

The Tournament of Champions proper kicks off on February 5th with a series of 1v1 arena elimination matches, until only one remains standing.

Thanks, GameFront!

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