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BattleBlock Theater, Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers offer crossover bonuses

The Behemoth is ofering its most faithful fans a sweet little bonus. If you own one of its existing games - Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid - you'll unlock some extra content in BattleBlock Theater, which should hit the Xbox Live Marketplace in a few hours.

Hardcoregamer reports that if you own Castle Crashers, you'll get a Castle Crashers Knight character for use in BattleBlock Theater. If you own Alien Hominid, you'll get an alien character.

It gets better; if you have achievements from either earlier game, these will unlock special heads in BattleBlock Theatre. Finally, achievements earned in BattleBlock Theater will unlock Hatty Hattington in Castle Crashers. The video below offers some insight into all this.

BattleBlock Theater, then bane of Australian spellcheckers, launches April 3 - US time - and will cost 1200 MS Points.

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