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Capcom hints at imminent Monster Hunter announce

In an introductory post, Capcom's new associate online and community specialist Yuri Araujo has dropped a hint that a new Monster Hunter release may finally make it to the west.

"I actually joined as a user specifically to inquire (read: complain) about the situation regarding Monster Hunter 2 (dos) Western release back in 2005/06 - so I know exactly how it feels to be lacking a new MH game for a while," Araujo wrote on Capcom-Unity.

"Patience is a virtue, right? Eventually it pays off somehow. We'll have something veeeeery soon."

Fans have a boatload of options to speculate over; there hasn't been a western Monster Hunter release since Monster Hunter Tri hit Wii in April 2010. Since then, the third game in the series has been re-released on 3DS as Monster Hunter 3G, on PSP as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and with an HD upgrade compatible with PSP and PlayStation 3.

Monster Hunter 3G has been the subject of rumour and retail speculation, but while Capcom has hinted it is keen, there's been no official word on a localisation for 3G or the upcoming Monster Hunter 4.

Monster Hunter has a fanatical following among those who like fairly punishing skill-based action RPGs, especially given Capcom's ongoing online event support.

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