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Capcom "squarely competing" against Bayonetta with DMC

Capcom's admitted some elements that form part of DMC will aim up against Platinum action title Bayonetta to the extent that both titles will be "squarely competing" with each another.

But Capcom US producer Alex Jones told Inside Xbox in the video below (via EG) there were other parts of the action reboot that would be completely different from that of Hideki Kamiya's excellent 2010 effort.

"You always want to go out there and beat your competitor to some degree. There are places where we're squarely competing with Bayonetta, and that's at the: how does the game feel when it's in your hand?" said Jones.

"We absolutely want the same fluidity of control that's a standard setting at that level for them.

"The other areas, tone, storytelling, we're offering a different experience from Bayonetta and we feel really good about that experience. Some areas we're competing with them. Some areas we're offering something different."

But Ninja Theory creative boss Tameem Antoniades has said it ain't a "like for like" battle between the two games.

"We're adding elements to this game that haven't existed in the DMC series before like the concept of the world being alive, trying to crush you and kill you, and Dante being able to rip apart the world and manipulate it," he said.

"So there are areas outside of combat we're adding."

DMC is expected to launch this year on PS3 and 360.

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