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Capcom drops bonus Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC

The gift that keeps on giving; Capcom has more free stuff for you to download before May 31.


We already covered the DLC for May, but Capcom can't get enough of dishing out free content it seems, because they're throwing two item packs into the mix - MH4U Support Pack and MH4U Advanced Pack.

The Support Pack items are geared towards hunters that are starting out on their journey, while the Advanced Pack is for more experienced hunters. Regardless of your level, you can download both packs for free between now and May 31.

You can check out the items in both packs below. Details on how to download these goodies can be found over at Capcom Unity.

MH4U Support Pack:

  • 50x Mega Potion
  • 50x Honey
  • 15x Mega Dash Juice
  • 30x Mega Nutrients
  • 10x Max Potion
  • 20x Lifepowder
  • 30x Disposable Earplugs
  • 30x Tranq Bomb
  • 20x Barrel Bomb L+
  • 15x Pitfall Trap
  • 15x Shock Trap
  • 05x Ancient Potion

MH4U Advanced Pack:

  • 30x Bomb Casing
  • 10x Hard Armor Sphere
  • 10x Heavy Armor Sphere
  • 10x Energy Drink
  • 10x Cathangea
  • 15x Cathangeafish Fry
  • 15x Scatterfish
  • 05x Portable Steam Bomb
  • 03x Dense Marcoal
  • 05x Dust of Life
  • 20x Armor Stone
  • 3000x Caravan Points

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